A-Med Eyewash 32oz w/eye-opener


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A-Med brand First Aid Eyewash is a Multi-Purpose First Aid treatment eyewash for rapid relief and response.

  • Pre-installed unique “Eye-Opener” 
    Eliminates the risk of recirculation of contaminants into eye. With a quick half turn reduces the reaction time in emergency situations and allows a “free” hand” to open the eye.
  • Slim one-handed bottle
    allows for easy application for eyewash
  • 4 Year Expiration date 
    longer shelf life – save cost of destroying short life product
  • Meets Freeze Test HS<12> 
    Product can be shipped when temperture is below zero
  • BHMB Antiseptic 
    help prevent infection and pain cased by chemical burns
  • EDTA Binding – Cleating agent
    Remove metals and minerals from your eyes
  • Double buffering agents 
    manage to restore/maintain pH level in ocular fluids

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in


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