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Supporting Local Veterans

For any veteran that is starting a new job we want to offer 25% off their entire first purchase.

As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business we believe that veterans are an asset to any company that can hire one. We want to back that sentiment up by making it easier for companies to employ veterans, and for veterans to get to work after leaving the military.

Our company has a long history of service, with our owners having served in combat from World War II, to Korea, Vietnam, and most recently Iraq. We have a strong faith in the belief that veterans are great force multipliers for companies and if we can make that transition from the military to civilian life easier we're excited to do it. Our President even leads the largest veteran community group in Houston, Lone Star Veterans Association, of which we are their Safety Sponsor. For those just making the transition out of the military here is some advice from our President based on his years of working in the veteran community helping veterans get new careers.

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This discount is for veterans or their spouses getting a new job, whether it's their first job after the military or not. The transition to civilian life isn't over with that first job, that's the beginning of their entry to the veteran community. We want to support each step they take.

When using this discount you don't have to prove your new employment status, we'll take you at your word. Just let us know who hired you and the hiring manager or safety person there. We want to make sure that companies hiring veterans are recognized for it and have access to all the community resources available to support those new hires, as well as access more veterans to hire from the community.

If you or a veteran you know is in need assistance in finding a job (or any resource for that matter) there are amazing resources available locally in Houston. If you go to Combined Arms you'll be able to take a self assessment and be instantly connected to over 40 local resources supporting veterans and their families.




*This offer is only good once per customer and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

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