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Company Account For Safety Store Houston

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We have offered accounts to local companies for decades. We will come to your job site and conduct a free hazard assessment to determine the best PPE for your team. Our goal is to make you a shield for your team, protecting them from accidents. We believe that taking your employees through a custom Comfort Journey will get them in the best fitting PPE for their job. A great Fit leads to Comfort, which will allow them to stay focused at work and not be distracted. Focused employees are less likely to have an accident, which is costly to their health, your time, and your bottom line. A safe workforce is a force multiplier for you company, be their shield by keeping them safe.


Company accounts also receive 10% off their employee outfitting of safety footwear and FR clothing in store and volume discounts are available by quotation on bulk orders. We can even carry specialty items in stock specific to your company's needs based on your Hazard Assessment.

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