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Industry Recommendations

Don't Suffer Through Uncomfortable Safety

We make safety comfortable. Let us guide you to the safety equipment, PPE, and work wear that is most comfortable for you. Find our product recommendations by industry or job type below. These are products that we've evaluated for years with customers in store based on your Comfort Journey Process.

  1. Personal Comfort Assessment
  2. Triple Check Fitting
  3. 30 Day Comfort Guarantee

If you can't visit us at our original showroom dating back to 1972 then shop the recommendations of other customers online. Call or chat with us at any time and we can walk you through your own Personal Comfort Assessment. While we can't give you a traditional Triple Check Fitting of three products to try on in store and guarantee fit, we can make three product recommendations for you to choose from. All purchases are backed up with a 30 Day Comfort Guarantee, which means no matter what we take back what you bought if you're not comfortable in it.