If you are in need of Houston oil and gas protective clothing, visit Sam’s Safety Equipment at one of our two storefront locations.

Our founder, Sam Wolfe, boasted one of the original mobile stores. He took his truck of safety and protective gear, visiting and servicing Texas throughout Houston and the Gulf Coast areas. For more than half a century, Sam’s Safety has grown to be a trusted name in oil and gas protective clothing in Houston TX. 

Clothing that provides protection and productivity

Most people that wear protective gear understand the wisdom of wearing hard hats, steel-toed shoes and appropriate eye protection. Today’s materials for oil and gas protective clothing in Houston TX are lightweight and comfortable, providing the wearer with flame retardant and moisture wicking properties for protection in even the most extreme environments.

Houston oil and gas protective clothing can even include undergarments. Check out our crew shirts with taped collars to reduce friction and raglan sleeves that provide greater range of motion while keeping the cuff around the wrist. Our sales representatives know the details to give you the most comfortable fit that includes the specific safety precautions you need for your job. 

Providing supreme safety for decades

Sam’s Safety also has an extensive line of relevant Houston oil and gas protective equipment. We furnish Texas workers with safe respiratory equipment, hearing loss prevention tools and protection for your extremities.

You can shop our line of NVLAP-accredited earmuffs, designed to fit comfortably inside of most industry hard hats. We carry a large selection of disposable earplugs, too. The time to begin protecting yourself against hearing loss is now. Don’t go without the proper oil and gas protective equipment in Houston TX.

Take precaution against toxic fumes and dust before they make you ill. In the oil and gas industry, workers face potential damage due to toxic fumes. Home rehabbers and those who work in old warehouses face risks from asbestos, mold and mildew.

Sam’s Safety is your first (and only) stop for Houston oil and gas protective clothing and gear. You can browse our catalog online or stop in to talk with one of our experienced sales team members.