Stay safe on the job with the proper Houston oil and gas hand protection and other safety equipment. Here at Sam’s Safety Equipment, we have been serving the local area for decades, bringing members of the oil and gas industry the safety solutions that they need to preserve their health and well being.

It’s no mystery — oil and gas work is physically laborious and riddled with hazards. This can include anything from working hands-on with dangerous equipment to being surrounded with heavy machinery that is capable of crushing a person to death.

Among our wide inventory of safety equipment, Sam’s Safety provides oil and gas hand protection in Houston TX. From traditional, cut-proof gloves to a full Kevlar sleeve, our Houston oil and gas hand protection options are great for preserving this important part of your body.

Your hands are going to absorb plenty of punishment on the job. With our oil and gas hand protection in Houston TX, you can reap the benefits of industry-leading gloves made by the most trusted names in the business. 

We can outfit you with Houston oil and gas eye protection, too

An oil and gas employee is surrounded by things that can hurt their eyes or damage their vision. These risks might include:

  • Dust and particles
  • Grit
  • Oil
  • Chemical spills
  • Hanging or swinging equipment
  • And more

With our oil and gas eye protection in Houston TX, you don’t have to worry about harmful substances infiltrating your eyes or a piece of machinery striking and wounding your eye. Protecting your eyes and head should be your top priority, and Sam’s Safety Equipment makes it easy to do so.

Shop online, or visit one of our two locations, to find everything we have to offer in Houston oil and gas hand protection and more.