There are a wide range of Houston manufacturing hand protection options available — choosing the best one for your professional application can be difficult. But finding the best manufacturing hand protection in Houston TX should no longer be a tiring exercise because the staff at Sam’s Safety Equipment is here to help.

At Sam’s Safety Equipment, we focus on satisfying your needs for safety equipment that is affordable, durable and of high quality. We are a family-owned business that has served oil, gas and construction industries in Texas for over 50 years.

Our staff is knowledgeable and our inventory for manufacturing hand protection in Houston TX is readily accessible.

How we solve your safety problems

There are several Houston manufacturing hand protection options that you can pick. Here are just a few of them:

  • PUG17 general purpose gloves: This is a general purpose option that features a black, 13-gauge nylon liner. A black polyurethane-dipped palm strengthens the glove’s shell and the shell is anti-static/electrostatic compliant for use in ESD protection areas.
  • Spartacus Cut 5 glove: Its gray PU-coated palm protects your hands from abrasion and cuts. It also has a gray and black 13-gauge HPPE liner. This glove is comfortable to wear and provides excellent dexterity.
  • Ringers Roughneck glove: It is a favorite for people working in the oil and gas industry, especially because it offers dorsal impact protection. The Ringers gloves have features like the Tefloc Grip system on the palm and fingers that resist oil and enhance grip.

We have Houston manufacturing eye protection options that you can use together with your gloves. Eye injuries can cause loss of production time, so it is better to prevent an accident now rather than be sorry later. Some of the most common options for manufacturing eye protection in Houston TX include:

  • Hellraiser safety glasses
  • Skullerz Odin safety glasses
  • Swap safety glasses
  • Strobe safety glasses and more

Our wide variety of Houston manufacturing hand protection and eye protection options shows how dedicated we are to your safety. We welcome you to the best work wear and PPE outfitter in Houston, Texas. Contact us today at (713) 462-5333 or pay us a visit.