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Construction welding caps in Houston TX provide high-level protection with robust, durable materials ranging from basic gear to Skullgard Fiberglass. Our catalog includes the finest, most durable welding caps and construction hard hats in Houston TX, featuring a large selection of designs that allow you to show support for your team, your company, even your country.

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Protecting your head with hard hats and welding caps

A head injury can have a lasting impact on your life. Hard hats have proven to be the best defense against life-altering injuries and death on constructions sites, in disaster recovery situations and when working close to power sources.

Houston construction welding caps can assist in keeping your view clear with a soft cotton sweat band that fits comfortably around the forehead while keeping ears safe from sparks and debris. Construction welding caps in Houston TX are considered a valuable addition to the usual hard hat, providing an additional layer of safety with that improved ability to maintain a clear view.

Closely monitor your headgear to make sure it’s in proper working order

Sam’s Safety recommends regular inspection of Houston construction hard hats for dents, cracks and damage due to material fatigue. A visual inspection is a great first step.

It can also be useful to hold your hard hat between your hands and squeeze. Listen for any kind of cracking or other unusual sounds. Your hard hat should be replaced the moment any signs of damage or weakness are noticed. Sam’s Safety carries great safety gear at price points that will fit anyone’s budget.

Protecting yourself from head injuries is a simple job. Head trauma, craniofacial injuries and skull fractures have lasting impact on the lives of workers who suffer those injuries.  Imagine the impact on you and your family if you lose your memory, lose function in extremities, or lose any of your senses.

Houston construction welding caps, hard hats and other essential head protection provides you with a comfortable fit, clear vision and superior protection. Browse our online shop to see our selection, or come visit us at one of our two locations.