Houston construction protective clothing and equipment is vital to keeping a workforce safe. The construction industry is known for the extensive risks that are posed to workers.

Construction workers battle everything from outdoor, natural elements to working from heights, with electricity and surrounded by heavy and potentially falling objects. Here at Sam’s Safety Equipment, we work to do our part to protect these vulnerable professionals with construction protective clothing in Houston TX and a wide range of equipment.  

We have an extensive inventory of Houston construction protective equipment

Too many injuries happen on construction sites because workers were not outfitted with appropriate safety gear. At Sam’s Safety Equipment, you can gain access to such construction protective equipment in Houston TX as:

  • Hard hats: This is one of the most basic forms of protection on the job site — and one of the most effective.
  • Flame retardant clothing: We offer a wide range of Houston construction protective clothing that holds up even amongst extreme heat and fire. This selection includes button-down casual shirts, jeans, outerwear and more.
  • Reflective vests: Staying visible is important on a job site. Sam’s Safety Equipment carries reflective vests that allow you to do so.
  • Cut-proof gloves and eyewear: Along with our inventory of construction protective clothing in Houston TX, we offer heavy duty safety glasses in addition to a wide range of gloves that protect from cuts and exposure to harmful substances.

For decades, Sam’s Safety Equipment has been a leader in equipping our local workforce with the safety measures they need. We have a passion for this work and it shows through in the personal level of customer service that we provide.

Check out our Houston construction protective clothing either at one of our storefront locations or shop with us online.