According to federal law, Houston construction hand protection is required when employees’ hands are at risk of being exposed to harmful substances, severe cuts or lacerations, severe abrasions, punctures, chemical burns, thermal burns, temperature extremes and more. Sam’s Safety has you covered with a full line of construction hand protection in Houston TX.

It is startling to note that nearly 20 percent of workplace accidents involve the hands and, of that number, nearly 80 percent of those injuries are lacerations and crushing injuries.

Everyone that works with their hands — from old-school master craftsmen to nano-technologists — face daily risk to their hands. Sam’s Safety offers customers in Houston construction hand protection against:

  • Impact
  • Vibration
  • Cuts
  • Toxic substances

Sam’s Safety carries gear by manufacturers that use materials to reduce risk while providing the wearer with dexterity and flexibility. Our line of construction hand protection in Houston TX provides critical protection to workers in all fields who work with heat, cutting tools, mechanical operations and any sort of work with toxic substances. This is particularly crucial to anyone working in the gas and oil fields and disaster recovery.

 Bring eye and hand safety to the workplace

The personal and economic impact of hand and eye injuries in the workplace can take a devastating toll. Sam’s Safety carries an extensive list of construction eye protection in Houston TX.

The most common eye injuries include cuts and scrapes. Our selection of sizes, styles, and eye coverage is comprehensive from side guards to full coverage goggles. Sam’s Safety provides extraordinary value in basic Houston construction eye protection so that no one is put at risk of injury to his or her eyes. We carry a wide range of women’s and men’s styles, as well.

Sam’s Safety and our Houston construction hand protection is available in a wide range of lengths, strengths and styles. We have an assortment of protective gloves that have keypad-sensitive fingertips, perfect for hand-held devices and phones. Our hands reach out and touch the world — and our eyes guide them. Let Sam’s Safety gear protect them from harm.