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expand our operations. Luckily we decided not to do it for personal reasons, Kevin Doffing our President had just gotten married and didn’t want to travel so much to get the new store up and running. The business case was strong, but in 2015 the oil and gas price crash caused by Saudi Arabia would have killed that store.

In 2013 we participated and wont he Newspring/HCC Business Plan Competition. We were evaluating the option to open a new store in South Texas to

However, the experience and mentorship of the program was invaluable and would help our company for many years to come. In fact Kevin has gone back to mentor in the program and support other business owners like Kim Bachmeier with Fit Tri Run and aspiring entrepreneurs with their business ideas.

This article and video were done by KHOU to detail the impact on one of the first year’s winners, Desiree Worrell-Mosley, owner of Sproutstart.

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