Your Comfort Journey

Your Comfort Journey


For years there's been one question that we've heard more than any other, "What's the most comfortable..." Doesn't matter if we're talking about boots, coveralls, gloves, harnesses, etc. 

Honestly, it irritated us. I mean there's so many factors that go into what will be comfortable for you. We know how to tease out the answer for you, but we could never figure out why people don't ask about product durability vs. weight or frequency vs intensity of use? Instead of being irritated we should have figured out is that it is the number one issue we're solving for our customers.

What we've realized is that while having what you need when you need it is important, it's an assumption of doing business. That's the fun juggling act we face as a retailer with inventory, but we need to deliver on more value than that to our customers. Where can we consistently improve our customers lives? I think that it is by providing a knowledge base of how to make safety comfortable. In the coming months that's what you'll be hearing and seeing more and more from us about how to make safety comfortable.

We want to share this first document that serves as an overview of how we go about answering, testing, and insuring your comfort with our products. This process is what we are calling Your Comfort Journey, think of this first document as Your Comfort Guide.

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