Customer Spotlight: WilsherCo

Customer Spotlight: WilsherCo

During the last event at our store we took the time to do some video customer spotlights. I'm proud to share the first of many with you here of Nick Pantazis. Is a great friend that I originally met through our business club, The Whitehall Club, one of Houston's oldest business clubs. How they let the likes of me into the club is still a mystery, but Nick makes a lot of sense. He's an Aggie, spent many years as a consultant, and then decided to buy his own advice and run his own business. He purchased WilsherCo, which is a Manufacturers' Representative & Stocking Distributor of industrial instrumentation and electrical heating solutions. They're just around the corner from our showroom so that's been super helpful in building that relationship and making safety comfortable for Nick's team.

Nick's team spends time in their shop and warehouse, but also have teams in the field doing work. Managing a growing company can be challenging, and your team is your company. Making sure your team is safe and focused are complimentary goals, so long as everyone is comfortable in their safety equipment. That's why our mission is to make you successful, by making safety comfortable.

WilsherCo's company account has made it a breeze for them by simplifying their purchasing, invoicing, and selection of safety equipment for all the various roles that that their employees perform. We work with dozens of companies to advise them on the right product selection for their brand, their work environment, and each individual that comes through our showroom or chooses to shop online.

If you're interested in making safety comfortable for your company too, you can apply for an account here.

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