Carhartt Clothing Closeout

Carhartt Clothing Closeout

I'm sad to report that we are no longer carrying Carhartt FR clothing. We love the product but the manufacturer is consolidating their distribution channels. Being that we've been in this business for decades we've seen this happen before. When manufacturers get big enough (which Carhartt has been big for some time already) they go through these cycles of consolidation of their distribution channels. In about 5-10 years there will be a push to democratize their distribution and open up smaller distributors like us again... then guess what happens in another 10 years? You got it, more consolidation. Consolidation also is usually followed by a price increase, just a heads up.

There's no hard feelings, its a business decision and we'll still be here when and if they change their minds. Luckily we still have amazing FR clothing products from Ariat and Wrangler. We will also continue to sell and distribute the Carhartt footwear line.

That being said we want to clean off the shelves of our existing Carhartt clothing products and offering you a 50% discount to help us do that. 

Just use code CARHARTTCLOSEOUT to get 50% off all the Carhartt clothing items on the website or in store.

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