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ADP Testimonial

Forgot about this, but in 2014 we did a testimonial for ADP Payroll. Why did we do that? We’re still using the service today in 2018 as added evidence that the system is great. We had spent long hours running payroll manually for decades, and by manually I mean by type writer. Weekly. Every Thursday was payroll day, it was horrible.

There’s only two ways for a business owner to get back time, by investing in people and processes. We’re as happy today as we were back then with the quality of service of ADP Payroll.

This is all free praise, but if you know anyone that would like to compensate us for saying good things about vendors then we’re all ears.

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Pink is for Girls

On May 1st Edie was about to learn if she was having a little brother or a little sister to boss around. Or as I see it, if she was having a CFO or a COO to boss around. Edie was wearing her pink safety glasses. Of course the “reveal” had to be done with chemistry since that’s what Mommy teaches. So a few packets of kool-aid mixed with baking soda, add vinegar and TA-DA. Pink foam. It’s a…

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Giving Back to the Veteran Community

All of the owners for Sam’s Safety Equipment have served their country in combat. From World War II, to Korea and Vietnam, and into Iraq. We value the lessons and opportunities afforded us from our military experience. We are proud to be a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. We want to support our veteran community locally. That’s why for the past 5-6 years we’ve been actively supporting the Lone Star Veterans Association (LSVA). An organization that we’ve worked with to help our corporate customers hire veterans, we’ve hired veterans through LSVA, and that’s the one charity we regularly sponsor.

In the past we’ve had a veteran discount for customers that was haphazard at best. From now on we are promoting an official partnership with LSVA where we will give 10% off the purchase of any veteran, and make a $10 donation with every veteran purchase to LSVA. We believe that veterans are the best advocates and sources of support for other veterans, and that’s why we want to reward veterans that have served our country not just with a discount, but with the knowledge that they are supporting the veteran community.

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Our Story

The story of Sam’s Safety Equipment is about family, service, and Spring Branch. Our company was founded by two brothers, Jimmy and Sam Wolfe. They ran the business since 1956 after their time serving in World War II and Korea. In 1972 they opened their first brick and mortar store in Spring Branch, which was considered to be on the fringes of Houston in those days.
The Wolfe brothers were great salesmen and loved working with customers in the oil & gas and construction industries locally. In the late 70’s Larry Doffing, a friend of Sam’s came in to take over day to day operations and would eventually buy out Sam and Jimmy. Larry had recently returned from serving as an officer in the Army Infantry in Vietnam. Together the three found a great deal of success running the small business in Spring Branch.
While Sam left the business in the early 80’s Jimmy and Larry continued to run the business together without incident for over 30 years, working 6 days a week together. They rode out oil booms and busts together, and were best friends. Every day Jimmy would welcome customers with a laugh and bellow out, “Buddy, I’m gonna save you a lot of money today!” Larry would always call after customers as they left, “Come back!” Which confused a lot of people until they realized he meant “Come back… again!” Larry always assumed everyone else knew what he meant. Luckily the customers did come back. Usually.

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Business Competition

expand our operations. Luckily we decided not to do it for personal reasons, Kevin Doffing our President had just gotten married and didn’t want to travel so much to get the new store up and running. The business case was strong, but in 2015 the oil and gas price crash caused by Saudi Arabia would have killed that store.

In 2013 we participated and wont he Newspring/HCC Business Plan Competition. We were evaluating the option to open a new store in South Texas to

However, the experience and mentorship of the program was invaluable and would help our company for many years to come. In fact Kevin has gone back to mentor in the program and support other business owners like Kim Bachmeier with Fit Tri Run and aspiring entrepreneurs with their business ideas.

This article and video were done by KHOU to detail the impact on one of the first year’s winners, Desiree Worrell-Mosley, owner of Sproutstart.