Red Wing #4456

The #4456 is part of Red Wing's King Toe series of boots and shoes. These shoes have 44% more room in the toe area, as you can see in the video below. This feature has been a huge benefit to customers with wide feet in finding comfortable shoes, without having to sacrifice a good fit and getting longer than needed shoes to accommodate a wide foot. The soft but durable outsoles on these shoes also make them some of the most comfortable boots we carry. The non-metallic toe is a bit lighter than simple steel toes, but with all the same safety protection. If you're working in extreme temperatures, hot or cold, the non-metallic toe is something you'll never stop using. Since it's non-metallic it won't conduct heat like steel or aluminum and burn or freeze your toes. If you love the #4456, but don't need metatarsal protection check out the Red Wing #2240 which is identical, but also has the Red Wing waterproof system.


Sizes Available:
D 7-15
EE 7-14


Watch How the King Toe Works


Red Wing policy is to make sure you get the best fit possible with a trained Red Wing employee. If you’ve been fit here at our store, on our shoe truck or you are a previous Sam's Safety Equipment customer then we can sell to you over the phone, otherwise we cannot. That's why you’ll find you can't buy Red Wings anywhere online. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. We hope you have the opportunity to visit our showroom if you've never been our customer before, we always strive to make our customers a customer for life.
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