Red Wing #401

This boot has it all, including comfort and durability. With a durable and soft leather this boot has a great comfort and fit. The vibram sole is made to out last other styles, while remaining flexible for an easier break in period compared to older rugged work boots. This is accomplished with the Forceflex technology system, which is described in the video below. This boot also offer ankle support as a lace up boot, for the safety toe version see the Red Wing #2401. For the safety toe pull on version check out the Red Wing #4448.


The heel is reinforced to prevent damage from kicking off your boots after long day on the job. The toe has extra protection to prevent the leather from being worn off when kneeling and moving about in rugged terrain. The added feature of of a water proof liner just makes this boot the Cadillac of Red Wing Shoes, which puts luxury on the feet of every working man. Watch the second video below to learn how the Red Wing waterproof system functions


Sizes Available:
D 7-14
EE 8-13


Watch How ForceFlex Technology Works


Watch How Red Wing Waterproof Technology Works

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